As One Ends, Others Start

I’ve been raising mason (orchard) bees for four springs now and they have been really beneficial in pollinating my fruit trees and making the fruit taste better. I had harvested over 700 cocoons in March and by this time, only a few of the hatched bees are left…the others have filled nesting tubes with eggs (they die after they lay all their eggs).


This year, an apartment-dwelling neighbor has set up a small honeybee hive on top of our garage roof and filled it with 10,000 honeybees. There are so many, I can look out my office window and see them collecting pollen from the blooms on my maple tree.

Earlier this morning, I went outside and got closer to the hive to see observe her bees. They were actively flying in and out of the hive. Some were even getting a drink from the water pan.


My mason bees are almost done laying eggs and will die soon, so my work is done until the end of winter. The honeybees are just starting their work. I can’t wait to taste some of the honey from my neighbor’s collection in the fall!


I just love that we’re both doing our part to help pollinate our little neighborhood.



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